vineri, 14 august 2009

Inventii traznite (Weird Inventions)

1. Two headed bottle

2 head bottle

I guess this thing is very handy when you have a dog and a cat and they hate each other. Now you can pour water in their bowl at the same time.

2. The 95 cm belt

95 cm belt

This belt must be very useful to those of you who are on a diet. This way you can see if you have put on some weight or not!

3. The breast coffin

breast coffin

I have the feeling they came up with the extra breast space in coffins after Pamela Anderson got her third breast implants operation. Or was it Jordan that made those people thing about it?! It doesn’t matter right now. Ladies, your breasts are safe even after you die!

4. The double umbrella

double umbrella

Now I know what inspired Rhianna. “You can get under my umbrella…” Hehe, clever girl! She knew about the double umbrella from the beginning. I wonder how do you close that thing?
5. The finger dish

finger cup

Now anyone can be a waiter. You won’t drop the sodas on that girls’ top anymore (such a shame, she was wearing a white t-shirt) and you won’t have to pay for damages anymore.
6. The flower lamp


I don’t like this lamp. It’s scary. It looks like a giant spider.

7. The hairy t-shirt

baby hairy tshirt

This one is pretty old but it’s sure funny as hell! Still I wouldn’t want my husband wearing a t-shirt like that. I don’t like hairy, sweaty chests.

8. The arm camera


I like this one. It’s pretty hard to take a picture of the two of you making out. Or hugging or kissing!
9. The couple bed


I really don’t get this one. It’s not like we’d need a mark in bed. Besides, we’re sleeping in each others arms. You should try it sometimes, it’s very relieving.

10. The shower mic

spounge mic

This one right here might be the solution for my noisy neighbors. They’re like always making weird noise the the bathroom.

11. Penguin tea clock

penguin tea

This is my husband’s favorite toy. He loves penguins and with a toy like that I would convince him to drink tea more often.

12. The perfect modern IT office

perfect IT office

No comment on this one!

13. The hand-shape glass


I want a dozen of glasses like that! Then I wouldn’t brake them! Nor would my daughter!

14. The shoe box stairs

shoe stairs

These stairs are pretty old, I have seen pictures of this inventions over the internet for the last 4-5 months but a friend of mine just won’t believe these are real. I would need stairs like that. Although my house is not that small, I have like a tone of shoes. I think I’ll just give them away to someone who will wear them.

15. The spring bed


I want a bed like that! Unless it’s noisy it’s the perfect bed for us.

16. Tea toaster


Nope, those toasters don’t make tea. But they sure look cute.

17. Weird stair


This is the last one folks! Hope you enjoyed these pictures and you’ll have a great week.

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